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March 23, 2023

Robinton Hobbs Added to Battle Bards Library

We are happy to share that Robinton's latest piece of music, "Heave Ho Me Merry Lads", has been added to the Battle Bards library! Battle Bards is a boutique collection of music and sound elements to compliment tabletop role-playing games, podcasts and related media. 

"Heave Ho Me Merry Lads" is a fantasy pirate sea shanty, bawdily recounting the exploits and adventures of a crew of nautical ruffians and was created specifically for the Battle Bards collection. 

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Jessica is an award-winning film producer, writer, and script supervisor. She has managed shows from Denver to New York to LA. 


She occasionally writes and shoots short films of her own and can be found hanging around at Sundance.

Welcome to World Tree Studios, home to the Music, Film and Adventures of

Robinton and Jessica Hobbs. 

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Robinton Hobbs

Jessica Hobbs

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Robinton is a composer, fantasist, conlanger and dreamer. His musical scores have been featured in award-winning films.  


Robinton enjoys Irish whisky, inventing languages, epic music and is known in certain circles as one hell of a DM. 


You can buy him a drink wherever metal music is playing in LA.