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On April 5th, 2016, I was formally asked to create a language for an upcoming science-fiction short by Manifest Film.  They desired something more than beautiful gibberish, but an internally consistent construction with its own grammar rules and structure, and I knew I was up for the task.  This was to be my first professional foray into the world of “conlang” ie – CONstructed LANGuage.


Subsequently, two important things happened to me:


The first was I realized just how important to me, and how unique this ability is.  I have long enjoyed playing with words and language, and creating fantasy tongues was nothing new to my pen and mind.  It was made apparent to me in several conversations that the ability to conjure new linguistics from my imagination and conform them to actual language-rules  and grammar is a special skill I needed to put more consideration into.


Secondly I was barraged with intrigue and interest from friends, colleagues and acquaintances for details, updates and more information not only about this project specifically, but also to my processes and approach to the task.


To this end, I am creating this blog, The Harmonious Wordsmith, in which I will chronicle my own adventures in language but also the greater world of conlang as I explore it with new eyes.


Join me on this adventure!


-Robinton Hobbs

The Harmonious Wordsmith