Robinton Hobbs



The Insomniac: Spiders, a new horror short film from Anchor Down Cinema, and directed by Luke Zwanziger is out now!  The film follows one man's efforts to confront his growing arachnaphobia as he faces demons both within and without.

The soundtrack to the film is now on all streaming platforms.

Critical role fan music!

As a giant nerd and Dungeons & Dragons player I've been a big fan of the Critical Role web series on twitch. As a tribute to the new Campaign 3 of the show I've been having a blast writing a new piece of music inspired by a scene from each week's episode. You can check them out below:

Elder Garden Vocations Out Now!

My new album, Elder Garden Vocations, is now available on all platforms!

The ep is an exploration of dark ambient soundscapes, noir vibes, eldritch horror and an overarching theme of nature reclaiming the industrial. The saxophones were brilliantly performed by David Moyer. Artwork by Luke Zwanziger. Notation by Edith Mudge. Special thanks as well to Ian Gifford who encouraged me to explore this new style.

About Robinton Hobbs


Robinton Hobbs is a composer and songwriter based in Los Angeles. He studied music production at Berklee College of Music and spent a decade playing with rock bands before making the transition into media composing full time.


Robinton is the COO and Co-Founder of Joy Music House, where he has helped produce scores which include Emile Mosseri’s Oscar nominated score for MinariAll the Bright PlacesThe Last Black Man in San Francisco, and many more. 


His most recent album, Elder Garden Vocations, was released in April, 2021


When he is not writing music, Robinton has been known to dabble in language creation, sound design, medieval history and all things Dungeons & Dragons.